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Wood and Lamninate Flooring Installations

Our Range of Hardwoods

Here at James Ayres Floorings we appreciate that hardwood and laminate flooring can not only improve the look and feel of your property but also increase its potential value.

Our hardwood floors offer customers an authentic look and feel and despite being simple, they will always remain fashionable due to their beautiful appearance. They always sell well and can be the ideal choice for your home or office, despite not being perhaps as hard-wearing as the laminate options on the market today. It has also been proven that real wood flooring adds value to your home and has a timeless appeal that will never go away.

How about a hard-wearing and cheaper alternative to real wood?

Alongside our hardwood flooring options, we also provide our domestic customers with fantastic laminate flooring. It is steadily becoming more popular as a cheap and low-maintenance alternative to real wood and our Quick-Step laminate flooring is a perfect example of this.

The many advantages to laminate flooring include::

  • Stain resistant and easy to keep clean
  • It costs less than real wood
  • Doesn’t harbour dust and germs like carpet can
  • Tough and durable

Our laminate flooring provides the customer with an authentic and aesthetically pleasing wood or stone look and feel, without losing any of the durability of real wood. They are also suitable for areas with high levels of foot traffic as they are built to last and are wear resistant. Added to this, they are ridiculously easy to clean!

Our range of hardwood floors also come in a variety of different colours and styles, including ash, cherry, maple, oak, walnut and beech.

Underfloor Heating

Quick-Step laminate flooring also allows underfloor heating to pass beneath it, meaning there are no limitations as to where it can be situated in a property and is designed to be 10 times more scratch resistant than other products on the market today.

This will ensure that your beautiful and natural looking floor will stay that way for many years to come and can feature in any home without fears of wear and tear.